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Desktop App Un-Hearting songs.

Desktop App Un-Hearting songs.

I heart songs on my phone that is connected to the internet via mobile all the time.  It however does not update on my windows app, and on top of that it actually in hearts songs on my phone app too.  When I do this with my computer off and then restart it wipes my hearts I've made and defaults to what my PC app has.  It is infuriating. 


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Hey @MaxFNPower,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


What you reported and are experiencing might depend on the fact that you already reached the 10,000 items limit for 'Your Library'.
To clarify, the type of items you can include in 'Your Library' will consist of, for example: Liked songs, Liked albums, and Followed artists.
In order to avoid being prevented from having any of these in 'Your Library', it'd be helpful to keep in mind that the limit can be reached across the sum of all these items with each device you use and for 5 devices max.
Hope you'll find this info useful. Feel free to reach out again if we can help any further!

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No, it works fine till I start the desktop windows app and what ever I have hearted or un hearted on the app takes priority, so if I use my phone app for a few days and heart some song on there it works fine, but as soon as I start the desktop app it wipes my "progress" on the phone app.  I'm no where near the 10,000 song limit.  My issue is that the desktop app isn't reading from the spotify database its overiding it.  Least that is what the symptoms suggest.


This is still an issue and one of the problems I'm having that is going to make me stop using the platform, especially if I can't get actual support for my issues.

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