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Desktop App shows password in profil at the top

Desktop App shows password in profil at the top



my Spotify App (Windwos 10) show next to my symbol of my profil my password for Spotify.


How can I get rid of this?



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Same here! Any solutions?

Same here!

What is this weird bug!!

Hi there!

I had the same problem. I wrote to the guys and they helped me quickly. The problem was, that I typed my password to the field, where I should have type my nickname. Under the password. There was no need to retype your password, just your nickname. Just write them to and they wil help 🙂

Best regards,

The problem is at least 2 years old and still exists.

On Linux I clearly see two fields, user name and password, and the password is shown in black on white in Spotify window.

I think that the company that is expected to go public should pay extra attention to the security issues.

Its 2020 and it is still there, unbelievable, created a new account and my password was displayed as username; surely this should have been addressed many years ago, such a security risk and probably means passwords are not encrypted. 


But its impossible to contact any Spotty support, like it does not exists, to notify them of this bug 😞


Can be fixed by changing username on mobile app.


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