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[Desktop] Application closes after few minutes of listening

[Desktop] Application closes after few minutes of listening







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Windows 10 PRO


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Hello there, I am recently having an issue with the Spotify app. When I open it and start listening to music it closes after just a few minutes. I tried logging out and back in, restarting the PC, the app, uninstalling and installing back, I even installed the one from the Microsoft store, reinstalling the Windows and it's still continuing. I can say it crashes, even tho nothing appears on the screen saying that.

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don't even try they will ask u several questions about ur operating systems and u r pc stuffs then simply they will ask to reinstall the app, 

i swear if this error comes to me again i'll just uninstall it, 

just imagine an app used by millions of peoples have such an error in all plateforms, desktop (Mac/windows), android and IOS.

with all respect but why are u payin u r developers for ? can't they just do their computer magic, debugging , tracking the issue and fix it for once and for all like other apps in the world rather than asking users to reinstall the app many times ? i already did that about 7 times, i use the app for almost 2 or 3 weeks and than BOOM , same error !! 

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