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[Desktop] Can't install Spotify for all users on the computer

[Desktop] Can't install Spotify for all users on the computer






A x64 laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 Hello everyone! I have two local accounts on my computer. The one with administrative priviligies and the one with casual priviligies. Because of security reasons for everyday usage I use the latter one but it is impossible for me to install an x64 version of Spotify so that I can use it on the casual account. Simply downloading and installing an .exe file on the account does literally nothing. I have tried to install it using the administrative account and it worked, I even moved all the files to a partition which I could get access to from the casual account. It worked until an update has come, then it would crash everytime I would want to launch Spotify.

I also have tried to give the instalation file adminitrative priviliges on the casual account but with no success. However, the Microsoft Store version works just fine, but as long as it is possible, I would like to have a standard x64 version installed and working.

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