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[Desktop][Developer] Option to copy URI

[Desktop][Developer] Option to copy URI

with a recent update on desktop (looks and runs well), you removed the ability to copy the uri.
For 'normal' users thats 100% reasonable but for developers for example it can be very handy to have quick access to the uri.
Maybe you can give us a settings flag where one can enable thos 'advanced' features.

4 Replies

Isn't it possible with right-clicking any song/album/playlist? (Or a 2-finger tap on a laptop touch-pad?)

I'm also assuming you mean to link a "URL " not a "URI " as the web address is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that usually follows the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Nah its one of their new hidden features you have to read their blog to know about haha ughh. Hold control when right clicking or pressing the 3 dots and its under share. And he did mean URI. Its a local application address, not a web address.

i see.

thanks guys 👍


This new "hold control/option to reveal the secret share option" is terrible UX. This a total anti-pattern of any computer usage I've ever seen. Why not just always show the option?


I always share the URI in slack because then the song opens in the desktop app instead of the webapp. 


Super annoyed.

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