[Desktop] Friends feed only displaying certain friends


[Desktop] Friends feed only displaying certain friends


So this has been going on for nearly a month now, currently I'm using the Windows Store version of the app but I also have the same problem on the regular PC Desktop version as well. I have 345 Facebook friends on Spotify, and I "Follow All" of them, and they are all displayed under my Following tab on my profile. However, when I open the Desktop app, every time the same group of ~100 friends are displayed in the friend feed. If i scroll to the bottom and click "Find Friends," there are no friends displayed as being unfollowed in the list, but the button at the top says "Follow All" instead of "Unfollow All" every time I click on "Find Friends." Roughly 1/4 times that I press the "Follow All" button, closing the "Find Friends" window after each press to reset it, my friend feed will suddenly populate with more of my Facebook friends, but usually not all of them. When I restart the app or if it is running in the background for more than about a half hour, it will revert to the same default ~100 friends in my list. Please help!