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[Desktop] Spotify Randomly Goes Offline

[Desktop] Spotify Randomly Goes Offline





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Windows 7

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Spotify randomly goes offline. I've tried searching it up, I've tried looking at previous topics pertaining to why it goes offline and how to fix it, I've tried allowing it through the firewall, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and various other "fixes" that should've helped, however none of them do because this isn't the fault of my computer, it's the fault of the Spotify desktop app being faultily programmed as to randomly go offline. Again, I've seen there be topics about this, I've seen the idea/issue that people are voting on about fixing it, but nothing has been done despite it being a persistent problem in Spotify. My log of this issue was yesterday, whereas I was using it as it went offline, I tried passing rules through the firewall and uninstalling and reinstalling the program to no avail, the fix? Eventually it just decided it wanted to go back online. Today I use it, and it says it's offline, I try fully executing the program from the command prompt and rebooting it, to no avail, until about a minute ago when it decides it just wants to suddenly come back online.

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