Desktop/Web Browser not playing any music


Desktop/Web Browser not playing any music






Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

I am unable to play any music through my laptop, either through the web player, or the downloaded desktop app.


Daily Mixes on the desktop app give the error message "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." Whereas on the web player, it just says, "this song is unavailable."


When I try to play playlists that I have created, it gives no error message, but just doesn't play anything. If I select a song from that playlist and play that specifically, it gives the error message "Ooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload."


I am able to play music perfectly fine on my mobile device, including Daily Mixes, playlists, as well as individual songs.


I have tried reverting the hosts file to default as suggested in other forum posts, I have also tried uninstalling and redownloading the desktop app, and it is not an issue with song availability in my country as it includes any and all music that would play perfectly fine on my phone. It also has nothing to do with my adblocker which I have prevented from running on spotify.


Pls help wanna listen to music 😞



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Re: Desktop/Web Browser not playing any music

Spotify Legend

Hey @sonnysideup, help's arrived.


This is currently being investigated here and here. Make sure to add your +Vote and comment in order to get updates. 


Let us know if there's anything else.


All the best!