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[Desktop] Windows Desktop App Missing All Artwork (except now playing)

[Desktop] Windows Desktop App Missing All Artwork (except now playing)

Windows desktop is missing all artwork except the now playing artwork.


Web browser shows everything.


Tried on Windows 7, Windows 10, deleted app and all traces and reinstalled, fresh install on brand new machine that never has Spotify. Nothing makes a difference. All I can think is it's firewall / vpn issue with Spotify. But why only the artwork and not the music, or connection to Spotify at all, and why does artwork show in now playing but not the main window.


I've been dealing with with for years. It just never works on desktop app.



3 Replies

Hi there @nomad07,

thanks for reaching out about this !


Could you please let me know the following :


- Which type of network (internet connection) are you using while using Spotify on your device ?

- Have you tried running the app on different network connections ?

- Do you experience the same issue on other devices like Android or iOS (mobile phones) ?


Thanks for your cooperation.

Waiting on your update 🙂


I’ve tried both wired and wireless. On multiple networks.  Always the same issue with Windows Desktop version. Browser works perfect every time only the desktop app. 

Mac desktop app, iPhone, iPad also work perfectly as well. 


Hi @nomad07,

thanks for keeping me posted !


As it works fine on all other devices, it seems to be a Win related issue.


A good indication would be to run your OS using Safe Mode and allowing it access to your internet connection so you can check if there's any change with the issue when you run it this way.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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