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[Desktop][Windows] Spotify Desktop App Makes PC Run Slow

[Desktop][Windows] Spotify Desktop App Makes PC Run Slow

Recently I noticed that if I have the spotify desktop app running on my PC it makes my whole machine slow down. The drop in performance is mostly noticeable while gaming. Skipping a song seems to make my entire PC freeze up for a second. This is not seen with the web player though, so it seems this is just related to the desktop app.


For those wondering, my PC should have no issues handling something like Spotify.


Intel Core i7 6700k

16 GB DDR4

Nvidia GTX 1080

Spotify is installed on a 256GB Samsung EVO SSD


I have done a little bit of searching online before making this post, and I already disabled hardware acceleration, as well as making changes to the cache size limit. Monitoring my Resource Monitor during heavy use gaming/discord/spotify at the same time, I did not see a specific resource spike.


Wondering if anyone else is seeing something like this?



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Exactly the same here, the web app works like a charm but the desktop version it's horrible designed like every desktop app build over a chromium using javascript, html and css.

This issue is still ongoing and I have now seen it against multiple PCs that I own. I am not sure if I should keep using the web version of spotify or just switch to another music app.


I guess spotify doesn't care......

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