Desktop app not playing through bluetooth headphones


Desktop app not playing through bluetooth headphones







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 I just bought a new pair of bluetooth headphones (Sony h.ear2 WH-H900N). I can pair them with my laptop, but I cannot listen to the Spotify desktop app with them.

I can listen to anything via my web browser, including the Spotify Web player. I can also listen to the Windows media player app. However there is no sound through the headphones when using the Spotify desktop app, only the laptop speakers are working.

I can pair the headphones with my Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet and listen to the Spotify app on that without any problems. 

Actually, I can seemingly listen to everything with the headphones, except the Spotify Desktop app for Windows 10. I really like the app, but if this problem persists I will stop using it and only listen to the web player.

Any ideas?


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Re: Desktop app not playing through bluetooth headphones


Hey @mrsmagnuson, help's here.


Is the volume bar at max on the app when you've connected your headphones? 


Also, make sure that your Connect feature isn't connected to any other device.


If that doesn't help, we recommend that you go through all the steps provided on this help article. You'll find some useful information there. 


Hope that helps!