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Desktop app not working

Desktop app not working





(Desktop, Galaxy S10 Plus)

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(Windows 10, Samsung)




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For a couple days now I can't use my Spotify app on the desktop...

I can't see my liked songs, liked artists, recently played music, podcasts or anything for the matter...

I use the desktop app the most ( way more than my phone) which for me means I'm not using Spotify almost at all for the last few days.

I feel like I'm paying for nothing, I'm paying for something I can't use and right now I just wanna know if it's ever gonna be fixed and is it something that can be solved in the next few days or it can take weeks or months... because right now it's a waste of money (don't get me wrong I LOVE Spotify)...

By the way- I tried everything- uninstalling and then reinstalling, deleting hosts, turning my computer off and on, logging off and back to the app, nothing worked...

(It's not worth uploading photos, It's the same as everyone else)

I just wanna know is it worth waiting...



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Hey, do you use a VPN often? I have learned that Spotify hates VPN's. Not just having it turned on at the same time, but even after switching it off, it just completely kills spotify on that machine, whether it's the desktop app or web browser. Even if I go to offline mode and try listen to my apparently downloaded copies of songs.. still just get "Can't play the current song." You don't have a VPN switching on at startup or something?

I had a VPN which I didn't use a lot and it was only on one of my browsers... I deleted it now but I see it's a problem for everyone and i don't see it being solved...

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