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Desktop client crashing Windows after being open sometime

Desktop client crashing Windows after being open sometime

Have had this problem for sametime, started soon after updated my system to Creator update of Windows... I can crash my workstation simply starting Spotify desktop client and after sometime system is unresponsive... Have to reboot computer after that everytime...
This happened earlier same way when I included my music library to Spotify - but now it's excluded but still happening same way. This started after update to new version Spotify - after Windows update... Done twice removing Spotify and it's folders and reinstalling it to workstation and same happens everytime, when I left Spotify open in backcround without it's playing anythign, it's just open! 
Earlier you could include some folders to Spotífy library, but now this option is removed - My library of music is huge over 300000 songs.... so it's impossible to include all to there but still there are some missings songs I would like to include to playslists.

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