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Desktop not syncing properly with current activity on Android Devices

Desktop not syncing properly with current activity on Android Devices






Desktop App, (current version), Android App on multiple devices (also current version) - Samsung Galaxy S10 and Vankyo Matrixpad S7 

Operating System

Windows 10, various Android OS

My Question or Issue

I've been experiencing problems over the last few days with my desktop not being able to sync and/or see current activity on my android devices. Normally when I'm using one, the currently playing song, current playlist, and any queued songs swap around between devices, and I can effectively control the playlist on my Android device (which in turn is often connected to a bluetooth speaker) from my laptop. At the moment I'm unable to do this though.


Similarly, in spite of all the apps being running, the devices are unable to see each other in the devices menu.


The two Android devices can still generally see what's happening on the other (so I'm assuming it's a problem with the Desktop), but if I start to play something on my desktop, this no longer updates on my laptop, and vice versa.

This seems to  have started over the last 7-14 days perhaps. Are there any known issues with this functionality at present?

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Correction, at the moment my laptop seems to be syncing with my tablet, my phone can see that the tablet is playing, but the phone isn't updating with the songs being played. I did wonder whether the apps being in the foreground and/or or the screen bring unlocked might be a factor, but I've ruled that out now.

It seems to more just be very intermittent on all devices perhaps.

Hi there @thebaldygoblin,


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There is an issue with the Now Playing view not updating on Mobile, which may have something to do with your case. You can check out the Ongoing Issue thread that our team is investigating here. Be sure to add your info as a commend, +Vote and subscribe to the thread in order to stay up to date with any development.


In the meantime you can try performing a clean reinstall of the app on all your devices. Sometimes the app cache can get corrupted, when multiple devices are in use and this in turn causes such issues. Check out this guide for the device relevant steps.


Let us know how it goes and if this issue is still persistent. 


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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