Desktop player wont cast albums to Google Assistant

Desktop player wont cast albums to Google Assistant

I am having an issue that just started today as far as I can tell. I play the Wonder Woman sountrack on my Windows laptop and it works fine. Then when I ask it to cast to the Google Assistant, suddenly some playlist comes on but with no sound. If I select again to have it play on my laptop, the random playlist still plays even though the album is displayed. If I press play/pause on the album's track, it just plays and pauses the playlist song. I tried with other albums, same thing. 


The web payer does not have this issue.


Right now, I can't test to see if the Spotify app on my Android phones have the same issue because they are busy with a process that I don't want to interrupt. 


I have tried closing and reopening Spotify, logging out and back in, deinstalling and reinstalling, every time the album initially plays correctly on the laptop and then issue comes back when I try to cast.


I will add that I upgraded to Premium today but I used to have a free Premium account that expired last week.

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I resolved it. Not logging out of the phone app after I upgraded was the issue. 

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