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cannot add my music from alternate location

cannot add my music from alternate location

I just switched from groove to spotify, after moving my music.

but groove was getting all my music from a location different from where spotify wants to go looking for it.

so in preferences, i see i can add a new location for spotify to go looking for my music-

but after adding it, it is not there. i have 'added the new location' for my music several times, and also tried closing and re-opening spotify but it just is not going to that location for my music at all.

so how do i go about this?

i do not keep my music in the 'normal' spot most people do, as it just uses up a lot of space on the c drive. i keep it on a raid array with 10 TB of storage space instead- but spotify just refuses to add this file location no matter what i do 😞

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