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Disable "Next up" & "Next From"

Disable "Next up" & "Next From"







Galaxy s10e, Galaxy S21FE, Windows 10 desktop app

Operating System

Android 12, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

How do I get spotify to stop autoplaying? 


I will play a song(not album) or a podcast and not create a queue and It will still autoplay. It will label it as "next up" for music and "next from" for podcasts. I went on every device and disabled autoplay & autoplay on other devices, the problem persists. 


I went to the account page and "signed out everywhere" and am currently only signed into the desktop windows 10 app where I have autoplay turned off. Spotify still autoplays. 


There must be a way to turn this off, right? 

Spotify Next From.jpg
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Hey there @Peter1992


Thanks for reaching out about this and welcome to the Community. 


Just to confirm, have you followed these exact steps to turn the Autoplay feature off?


If so, would you mind asking a friend or a relative to log in to their account on your PC to check if the same happens using a different account?


We'll be on the lookout.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Thank you for the response.
Yes I followed those exact steps, This issue occurs on desktop and mobile. I have not been able to have someone else sign in on any of my devices to see if the problem persists. 


I am still having issues with this

Hey @Peter1992,


Thank you for keeping in contact and for the info you shared.


We think there might be a confusion about the Autoplay function as this is an expected behavior. When Autoplay is OFF, it will prevent the app from playing similar songs when the playlist/album/show you're currently playing finishes, but it will not allow you to play just a single song without continuing with the playback. Since playback is automatic, it will continue playing the "Next up" or "Next from" list depending on what you're listening to.


If you want to play just a single song without continuing with the playback, we'd recommend to type the name of the track in the search bar and play it directly from there. If Autoplay is OFF, it will play only that song and stop the playback after it.


Hope this clarifies things a bit. We apologize if this may cause any confusion and we appreciate the time you took following the instruction and keeping us updated.


If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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I have the same issue and there are other threads where other users are reporting  similar confusion. This stems from a user experience flaw that, happily, has a simple fix. Please look into it. 


I understand that playing a song from a playlist/album/show continues playback of that set. The issue is that playback is persistent and there is no way to get out of it - except with workarounds such searching for a song and playing it from the results, starting a new playback set from a different album/playlist/show, or playing the last song of the “next from/in”. None of the workarounds are explicit or intuitive. 

Better options:


  • Provide a “clear playback” action, similar to the “clear queue”, that removes the next from/in songs - and gets you out of that playback set. 

  • Provide a “disable playback” setting that allows the user to play just one song on double click. Effectively not continuing playback, that is, not creating a next from/in list. 

Please look into these suggestions. 


Hey look! Another issue users report and are told "that's not an issue!"! 


This is a bug, and if it's a bug in how the development team is thinking about the use cases, then that is still a bug that can be shaken out. There is already a feature to press one button to "clear queue" there should be one button that can be pressed to clear all "up next" autoplay tracks, no matter what the source is (but *especially* for podcasts, imo. Playing old episodes in reverse order is not and should not be "expected behavior" in any case). 

I, too, have this issue, the wish for a button to clear not only the queue but "up next," as well.  Or, even better, select a cut easily making it explicit that the one cut is all I want to hear, then silence.  Maybe it would be useful to the developers to describe my "use case."  I often play classical music, often quite short selections of maybe just one short movement of a larger work.  But Spotify is determined to play the whole darn piece.  And worst, the whole darn album.  With Motzart's Nachtmusik,  for example, very short movements, I don't notice when one movement ends and the next begin.  I WANT to noticeI.  I DON'T want the next to begin automatically. I especially don't want the the whole darn album to play without me realizing that we have moved on to an entirely different piece. I can well understand why this would be the default behavior but not why the customer cannot change it!  (I have been a huge fan of the Spotify, usually feeling that I can do whatever I can think of.  But this has me extremely annoyed.  It seems a very small ask for Spotify to play ONE CUT and stop.)

Please work on rectifying this problem. I’ve been having the same “Next From” issue for months now and it’s quite annoying. I have my autoplay off and I don’t want to have to search up one song at a time to stop this from happening. No matter what I do, I can’t remove the “Next From” song from the queue.


Please fix this biggest annoyance of spotify! I have exactly the same precise issue as OP, chrisrauh and others are describing. As Elocing insightfully writes, it is really awful that you consider this as not an issue. You just have to provide an option to turn off this “feature” or at least allow to clear that Next From list manually every time.

Please stop ignoring what users are genuinely begging here.

I listen to many podcasts, many of them are short ones so it is really weird to get the ones that I already played to start playing again, without me asking for it, due to this “Next from” feature

Another alternative would be to add a “End of Queue” option to the Sleep Timer

I'm having the same issue with the Next Up list. I'm playing songs from the search bar on desktop but I'm still getting songs after that I didn't want to listen to. My autoplay is off.

Solution: There's a playlist named "Silence for playlists". Pick the "Silence 30sec"-track, create a playlist solely consisting of this track, let's call it "30sec of silence". Now, if you want to play one single song,

1) start this playlist,

2) add your song to the queue

3) press skip-button  to start your song. 

After your song, the "Next from" queue will be empty. If for whatever reason Spotify chooses to continue with your previous playlist, it will only play 30sec silence and then stop. 

Having found this "solution": I completely agree with this forum, it completely sucks to have to use this circumvention! It fit's perfectly in Spotifys bad reputation of ignoring user's interests, like forcing the podcast section on your Spotify Home Screen. I would have switched to another streaming app long ago if wasn't bound by my family.

I think Spotify want to force you to listen to music, so there is no way to turn this annoying feature off. It's almost enough make me want to jump ship to another streaming service

I would also love for the users to have this option and not having to permanently be listening to a Spotify predecided queue

Hi OscarDC,

That actually doesn't clarify anything - I often start my listening by playing the last podcast in a series and then ADD TO QUEUE a few other episodes from different podcasts.



The ones I want to listen to are in the "NEXT IN QUEUE" section which is what I want but I really don't want the "Next From" section. How do I prevent this behavior, it's more recently become super buggy and adds hundreds of episodes at times (literally every episode published).

I don't want my podcast playlists to go on forever, why would that even be a 'feature'?




Please fix the issue.

This is the answer... this "Next from" thing is driving me crazy and my phone got shattered when I dropped it dealing with the problem for the third time in 30 minutes and my frustration caused it to slip. I'm so close to never using Spotify again because of this one **bleep**ing 'feature' that doesn't seem to serve any real purpose.

I'm going to try this but I hate that this is a thing... **bleep** it's gotten worse recently and now I can't avoid it all apparently.



Adding to the voices here:


This "feature" is not adding value to the service. The reason I switched from Pandora to Spotify was to gain control of what I was listening to. If Spotify makes it difficult to exercise that control, it isn't offering much over just pirating everything, as I did back before Pandora.


Spotify, pay attention: you don't just work for your investors and emploees. You also work for your users and your artists. You are operating at your best when all of us are satisfied. If you **bleep** off your customers, you lose revenue which will upset your investors and artists. If you lose artists you lose content and then customers. You probably don't actually need investors if you can afford to buy them out, but if you still need them, pissing them off will absolutely interfere with your ability to keep promises and innovate.


There is no reason to have the Next up/Next from list. All we need is a way to play what we want, and a queue does that. If you want to add an "infinite playlists" feature that lets people select seeds they want used to select audio to play, that's fine, but let us turn it completely off.


If this isn't a bug, it's either an unwanted feature or your service is unwanted as it stands.

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