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Discord Listen Along 40-50 Second Delay

Discord Listen Along 40-50 Second Delay




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Windows 10 Pro 

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Hey there, I'm running into essentially what is being described on this old thread that was never answered. I'm trying to using the Listen Along feature via Discord and whenever my friend starts a new song it gives a 30-40 second delay, so I start the next song with them that far into it already. Before that is just silence.

We both are using pretty strong connections, mine is 100+ mbps download and upload speeds, and even when I try to restart the connection it still has that same delay after a song is finished. It just seems to be a delay with the application itself or Discord. I've tried this both on the program itself and the web player. 

Any tips or ideas on what to do to try to fix this? I tried to add crossfade, as per some suggestions, and it had no effect. Thanks. 


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Same thing here, clocks are synchronized. Apparently it misses the event of a new song, but if the host changes the position just after the start, it works.

Same thing here, just that it completely doesnt work

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