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Random interruptions from Spotify wrapped artists with a video

Random interruptions from Spotify wrapped artists with a video







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I've been listening to my private playlist and out of nowhere I get this video shown where a artist thanks me for listening the past year. 

All fun and all, but I'm paying Spotify Premium to not be interrupted by something (like shown on the premium advertisement page) but this still seems like something hard to fulfill. 


How and where can I disable this feature?

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Same here, I like to play my old wrapped playlists from time to time. Having these artists interrupt my music is very disappointing. Can we remove them from our playlist in some way?

Same here, I guess I will just have to create my own 'Your Top Songs 2021' without this weird interruption. I've never seen videos on Spotify before and cannot understand why you would ever add videos to an audio app. Some of the Spotify decisions in the last couple of years really baffle me.

Well at least I'm not the only one. Sure, nice inclusion, but I don't want it stuck in my playlist for forever.

I'm having the same issue, I just want to listen to the music not see an artist video, I do relisten to my Wrapped playlist through the years, and I don't want the artist video message there at all. Even the thumbnail of the video creates a clunky interruption in the playlist.


I wish it was possible to completely opt out of this feature and delete the videos or it was a separate feature from the Wrapped playlist that I could avoid.  Spotify is taking away the playlist's functionality for a gimmick.

Hi everyone,


An artist thank you message will appear in Your Top Songs 2021 playlist if the artist from your #1 song recorded a thank you message. One or more artist thank you messages will appear in Your Artists Revealed playlist if artists featured in your playlist recorded a thank you message. It's just a way for artists to commemorate and, well, thank, their top fans.


It's completely understandable that you'd like to just enjoy just the music from your Top Songs, so the "thank you"-s will be automatically removed from your playlist after a couple of weeks.


We hope that will match your expectations for the playlist and add on top of knowing you're one of the top fans of your favorite artists.


Take care!

Mihail Moderator
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