Discord does not recognize Spotify


Discord does not recognize Spotify

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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Discord does not recognize Spotify, so I can't use the features associated that connection. How do I make Discord recognize Spotify and thus use the features associated that connection? Thanks in advance.


Here is some addition information:


I have enabled what I think are the necessary settings for Discord to recognize Spotify. The settings I have enabled include:

In the Spotify app:

-Share my listening activity on Spotify

In Discord: 

-Display current running game as a status message

-Display Spotify as your status


I know there were already posts about this topic but the solution to those post don't seem to solve me problem, here is what I already tried:

-Fully reinstalling Spotify

-Fully reinstalling Discord

-Reconnecting my Discord account to Spotify

-Using a different Discord to connect to play Spotify

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Hi @Ziqi!


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing with us the steps you've tried so far.


Next up, we suggest that you fully disconnect and then connect the app again following these steps. Additionally, it's well worth removing the Discord app from your account overview. After doing so, could you try connecting both accounts again?


If that doesn't do the trick, would you mind sending a screenshot of what you're seeing from your end?


Let us know how it goes! We'll be on the lookout for your response.

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Unfortunately, doing what you suggested did not resolve my problem.

I sent some screenshots as attachments.

Screenshots 1-3 are just screenshots of the settings that I think are relevant.

Screenshot 4 is me adding Spotify as a game.

Screenshot 5 is what the "small version" of my profile looks like after I added Spotify as a game.

Screenshot are sent in a zip format because I can't attach more than 3 items.

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Hi again @Ziqi!


Thanks for getting back in touch and sending this info. 


Would you mind trying it with a friend's Spotify account? Keep in mind that the account has to be Premium. If it doesn't work using a different account, we suggest that you try it on another PC. 


Cheers - Keep us posted.

did you figure it out? i'm having the same problem right now and i did everyithing you did


Hey @fayth3,


Thanks for reaching out.


Just to make sure that we're on the same page- did you try all the steps, suggested by @ Elena and @Peter above? If that didn't fix things, could you attach a screenshot of what you see at your end? Just make sure to hide any private or sensitive info.


We'd also appreciate it if try linking your Discord with friend's Spotify account and letting us know if the issue can be replicated. If you have the option to try it out on another device, that would also help the troubleshooting process.


Keep us posted, we'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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I'm not sure if this is related to the issue the above user is having, but I am no longer able to "Listen Along" on my Windows system. And I believe I can pinpoint that this started happening when my partner and I switch to a spotify Duo account.

I wonder if discord shipped something that specifically checks for the account to be a "Premium" account. AFAIK, there is no difference, but I could be wrong.

Interestingly enough though, when I use spotify on Linux, I don't have these issues and can listen along with no problems. This makes me believe that Discord shipped some update that broke this feature (as I believe the linux discord build is much older than the one shipped to macos and windows).


Hey @1218712357


Welcome to the Community 🙂


Could you try disconnecting and then connecting your Spotify account to Discord again to check if that makes the difference? You can check this article on how to do so.


If that doesn't do the trick, we recommend contacting Discord support directly here


Let us know how it goes!

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