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Discover Tab Hasn't Updated Over A Month!

Discover Tab Hasn't Updated Over A Month!






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 One of my favorite features of Spotify, the Discover tab, has not updated it's recommendations in over a month, perhaps longer. I see the new releases change every week and I do get a new discover weekly playlist every week (though I only see if if I restart the app or log out and log back in).


I love this feature and it has helped me find so much good music. But it's no help to me if it doesn't change! I've even tried listening to new artists and changing up my music but nothing budges.


Please fix this or help me find a way to fix it!

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Hey @zealotlee!


As you can see here this is an ongoing issue and it is under investigation by the tech team. Don't forget the vote for the issue as it will catch more attention. Please be patient, I hope this is gonna fixed on Spotify's end. 


Take care 🙂

So yesterday it started working again and I saw new music in my Discover tab. This morning Spotify updates and it's back to the same songs as it was before! Just thought you should know that whatever you updated broke whatever you fixed before.

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