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Discover Weekly disappeared

Discover Weekly disappeared

Every week I look forward to going through my Discover Weekly list and all of a sudden it's gone. When I go into the discover tab I can see the "Release Radar" and then there is a blank spot where the "Discover Weekly" icon used to appear. I have been listening to Spotify daily, so it certainly isn't lacking data, and I haven't changed any settings. Does anyone know how I can get it back?

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My Monday Discover Playlist is gone as amount of logging out and in is helping. I also remembering there being a discover tab which is also gone, I am thoroughly disappointed right now.

I wonder if they've taken the Discover section down temporarily to fix it. I posted this afternoon that my Discover Weekly playlist hadn't updated this Monday, so maybe (I hope) they're looking at it. As of this moment I still have access to the DW list, but it still shows last week's songs.

I ended up contacting Spotify through Spotify Cares on facebook. A technician was assigned to the problem and they had it fixed in no time.

It has moved under BROWSE > DISCOVER. Its no longer found under playlist section. It realy pisses me off because now i cannot download to play it off-line. Spotify please arrange for us to be able to listen to Discover Weekly without internet connection like before. I will cancel my Premium Subscription if not fixed.

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