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Downloaded songs and now I can't find them

Downloaded songs and now I can't find them

Hey all!

I really hope you can help me, it's driving me crazy.

Yesterday I downloaded my mix of the week so I can hear it offline. Now I can't find the songs anywhere. Anybody has an idea how I can find them again? I don't remember any names of the artists, when I switch to offline modus it doesn't show me these songs.However, I downloaded them so they have to be somewhere?

Best wishes

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That's weird!



Some things you can always do to fix your problem are:

  • Restarting Spotify
  • Relogging into Spotify
  • Restarting your device
  • Reinstalling Spotify

Let me know if those work for you, and I'll be happy to help troubleshoot if they don't!



Thank you for your advice. I tried all of it, but sadly it didn't work.


Best wishes



May I ask what device you're using?



Same thing happens to me. I sometimes download selected songs from Discover Weekly playlist. When I go to Your Library>Songs then filter with Downloads, I can't seem to find most of my downloads. For some reason the songs are searchable when you manually type each of them. Unfortunately, I don't remember 90% names/title/album of the songs I downloaded. 


BTW, I'm using HTC 10 on Nougat with Spotify version armv7


Please help!


I'd recommend you contact Spotify about this.

You can do this in a couple different ways:

  • Twitter (@spotifycares)
  • Contact form ( - if you receive an email redirecting you back here, reply to it, even if it says no-reply.





Did you ever receive an answer on this?

The same thing happened to me.

- Downloaded a discover weekly mix on my iPhone and loved the tracks.

- The mix updated and now I have no idea how to find the songs that I downloaded but like you said, they must be somewhere.





No, I didn't receive an answer. Before downloading songs I add them to a playlist now, since then I never had a problem finding them again.

Cool, thanks for getting back to me. For as well funded as Spotify is they sure have some lame gaps in their platform. I'll do the same from now on as well!



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