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I've had Spotify app for a long time and for about 3 or 4 months I have the problem with songs. It started when I couldn't play single songs so I could somehow deal with it but then I could play barely nothing - it always appeared grey disc and that was all. Now I can't even search songs because the only information I get is that album/playlist is empty and if it's a single song, situation with grey disc repeats. I have no songs in my liked songs or any playlist either. I simply can't play any music from the app and I don't really know why.

I can also add that this is happening only in the app - web player is working, on the phone everything is perfect. I've had reinstalled the app many times and nothing has changed. My system is updated and Internet connection good.

I hope somebody could help me solve this issue.

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Well to be honest, I can't find any of these folders. In Local I have only the folder "Microsoft" there it's "Windows". I can't find it either in Spotify's intalled folder.
Also, when I download the app from the Microsoft Store the situation is the same.

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