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daily mix doesn't work properly

daily mix doesn't work properly




(iPhone 7)

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(iOS 12.1.4)

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daily mix is supposed to be endless and it should load new songs when i listen to it as far as i know. But this feature disappeared from my devices and now my daily mixes do not refresh, they only contain songs from my library (and a few new songs) and they do not load new songs. It looks like a regular playlist. my old daily mix was in the recently played section but it disappeared when i tried to reinstall and update the app. please try to fix this issue, thank you so much 


(second picture is how daily mixes used to be and first picture is how daily mixes are now)



new d.m..jpg
old d.m..jpg
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Spotify is always trying to make their interface better for the userbase, so they test out new features pretty often! You can read more about that here.


Now, Daily Mixes will be refreshed on a daily basis and will contain 50 songs each. If you have Autoplay enabled in your Settings, a playlist radio will be generated which will mimic the endless quality of the old Daily Mixes.


If you'd like, you can leave some of your feedback in this idea (Revert Daily Mixes to Continuous Play)!


Have a wonderful day 🙂


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