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Error 404 on advertisement

Error 404 on advertisement

hello, I use spotify on pc and on some pubs the reading does not launch (the ad) and when we click on the image that redirects us to the site with a 404 error and it blocks the application, I must restart it to zap the ad. I already empty the cache but nothing helps

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Hey @TomArnaud


That's odd!


It may be a broken ad indeed. I'll need more information on this, so please tell me the following:

The address of the website it redirects

A screenshot of the ad that's not working

The country you're in (as ads are often regional)


You can also try reinstalling Spotify to see if that helps 🙂

This is how to perform a clean reinstall:

1. Close Spotify and uninstall it.

2. Go to %AppData% in Windows Explorer, and delete any Spotify folders you find in Local and Roaming folders.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Now reinstall Spotify.

Keep me posted!

Thank's !
The solution works for the moment.
I'll get back to you tomorrow
I'm in France, in the ads that did not work there was often that of

 Hi, the error reproduced, here is the information I could get:
Ad id : {"adId":"2cf901562f7ebd860000000000000001"}
Redirect URL:


spotify ads.png



That's odd, I'll ask around about this.

Just for check, could you go to the web player and play music there to see if you get the same error there? 🙂


Keep me posted!

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