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Error Code 13 - installer problem

Error Code 13 - installer problem

I am getting error code 13:

The installer is unable to install Spotify because the necessary files could not be created.


This happened after an automatic update today which failed mid-way through installation. It got as far as un-installing the program (but not the shortcuts or local data), but didn't install the updated program.


I have tried all the suggestions in the existing threads on the topic:

1) Run installer as admininstrator

2) Run in compatibility mode as well

3) Full installer, again 1) and 2)

4) Deleting local files (users, app data etc.) then 3) again.

5) Finding the update in the local files and trying that, 1) and 2) again.


None of which works. Really frustrating. Hope someone can help.

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Same here...

Hey @johnkrajewski@L_E_O,

Can you guys give me some additional information, so I can troubleshoot this like:

  • Your device.
  • Your device's operating system.
  • Are there any error reports? Screenshot of the error screen would be useful as well.

Thank you!

Hi Dreadlord, thanks for replying.


Its a Pc running win 7. The error details are in my first post.

Hey @L_E_O,


Can you try installing Spotify in safe mode?

  1. Download Spotify installer somewhere on your PC
  2. Boot in safe mode. You can read how to do so here.
  3. Make sure to remove all Spotify related files: In CMD:
    RD /S /Q C:\Users\YourUSER\AppData\Local\Spotify
    RD /S /Q C:\Users\YourUSER\AppData\Roaming\Spotify 
  4. Install Spotify

Let me know if you run into problems : )

After booting Windows 10 into safe mode (and figuring out how to do that with BitLocker in use) I was able to get the install completed. For others, be aware you need to download the full install first as in safe mode you will not have internet access. Also upon install you will be unable to Log In and will need to reboot into normal OS mode. I found that the OS didn't see the app and I needed to manually launch Spotify by searching for the launcher. But ultimately after 2 days of struggling I have Spotify installed and running. Thanks for all of the help here.

Nope- I've tried ALMOST everything. I cannot run in Safe Mode, as it's a work laptop. I've tried every. other. suggestion.


It's unacceptable to pay the premium fee and be facing a problem that it appears Spotify has known about for years and hasn't offered a quick/easy solution to.


I was getting the same problem.  This is what I did and it worked for me.


1) download to your machine the full SpotifyInstaller.exe. 

2) shutdown and restart in Safe Mode w/ Networking (Win 7 option)

 - to get to save mode, during the boot sequence, you will need to push one of the following buttons to get to Boot Options: F2, F8, or F10 (see your manufacturer settings). Once you do that, select the Boot in Safe Mode w/ Networking option

3) locate the downloaded file and install. It will also install an update, which I believe is causing the problem.

4) Once completed, Spotify will open as it should.

5) Restart back in Normal mode and you should be good to go.


My PC has BitLocker, so you have to be able to suspend BitLocker in order to get to the Boot options. It can be suspended in the Control Panel > BitLocker Encryption Options.


Don't forget to turn your BitLocker back on after complete.

This solution is not working for me, please let me know how can I fix this? I have the premium version, I was expecting to receive the solution directly in the installer.

I was not able to fix the problem following the steps that you included in the "solution". Please help, this is very annoying. How can you run an update of the software that has errors. Please upload and installer that works correctly.



Totally agree with you, this is unbelievable.



This appears to be a common issue and Spotify should be addressing it. I love Spotify, but this? This, Spotify? This is what makes people start researching alternatives. I may only be worth about a hundred bucks a year to you? But multiply that times the number of people you're pissing off with this issue.

Today I just opened spotify and pop up the autoupdate, it failed. 

Downloaded the installer, full installer, removed AppData folders, deleted all registry entries and nothing worked. I'm listening on my mobile rather than the laptop.

Still having errors when trying to install it as admin and due to bitlocker cannot boot in safe mode... any other suggestion?

I also cannot boot in safe mode due to bitlocker. Any progress on this issue yet?

Does anyone know why the spotify installer cannot be run as the Administrator? This would seem to resolve the installation errors I'm seeing here...


very very annoying. Spotify needs to fix this problem.


No clue why this is labeled solved. IT ISN'T! This is my ongoing, awesome experience with a VERY known issue that hasn't been solved by Spotify.

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