Error Code 17 upon istalling updates after installing program

Error Code 17 upon istalling updates after installing program









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 i have already gone through the forums for help to start with.

A while back my spotify stopped opening and came up with error messages. i`ve followed various pathways to fix this but it has only lead to me trying to reinstall the program but when i do and open it, it gets to the end of "installing updates" section and then pops up with a winddow saying "Spotify could not be started. (Error code: 17)

This is also coupled with the web player not working as when i go to it, it`s normal for a second then goes black screen. i`ve read others are having this problem and it may be because of a java script incompatability issue, any thoughts on how to fix this aswell?

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Hey @6-a_58zrg29vk.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community 🙂

I know you mentioned you've tried some of the threads already, but have you had a look at this one? There are a few solutions there which seem to have worked for certain users.


If you already have, then we recommend you try performing a clean reinstall following these steps. If that doesn't do the trick, try uninstalling Spotify and using the offline installer.


Let us know how it goes!



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