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Feature Request: HTTPS only mode for VPN

Feature Request: HTTPS only mode for VPN







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Windows 10


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It is well known that Spotify doesn't like VPNs, more so since the new UI for desktop  apparently.


My guess is that Spotify uses tcp connections on specific ports that are blocked by our various corporate security teams.


It's the new reality of today: Gone is the day that all doors are open. Nowaday, for a port to be opened, you need a business case, and Spotify ain't one.


That said, HTTP/HTTPS ports are always opened, and filtering is done by urls. Spotify is not a bad site, so it is not blocked.


My suggestion is to provide a http/s based mode for those listeners stuck behind a corporate VPN.


The target areas being: (Sorry, my interface is in french) 

- Waiting list (Mettre en file d'attente): No data shown

- Artist page (Click on artist in the bottom left: Oops error, no data)

- Listened Recently (Écoutés Recemment): No data, oops

- Reading list content (gets a oops, but displays the songs)


You now better than me what functionalities would benefits from a HTTP/S mode.


PS: I can listen to songs, so it's mostly annoyance for not being able to use the app fully.


Thank you


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