Find unavailable tracks

Find unavailable tracks


Does anybody know of a way to search for all unavailable tracks.

Last time I updated Spotify some of my previously available tracks has become unavailable.

For example, the track "Keith Don't Go" by Nils Lofgren, on the album "Acoustic Live" has become unavailable.

I have been listening to that track a lot and suddenly it showed as unavailable.

I guess this has to do with label rights.


So, what I would like to do is to display all unavailble tracks that I have previously starred or added to "Your music"

to check if there are other versions of the tracks available...


I have searched for this in the forum, but haven't found an answer.



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Spotify should automatically "relink" any tracks that become unavailable to you if there is another copy in the catalogue without you having to do anything (although it's never 100%).

I don't think there is a way I know of to only show unplayable tracks.

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