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[Firefox Web Player] Spotify tab loads endlessly after a while

[Firefox Web Player] Spotify tab loads endlessly after a while







HP Pavilion

Operating System

Windows 10


Whenever I open a new Spotify tab, it loads. But if I leave it inactive for too long, it starts an endless gray scroll wheel which doesn't fix no matter what I do. Re-inputting the URL, reloading, etc. Nothing. The only thing that helps is to create a new tab and open, at which point it loads weirdly quickly and works as normal until I leave it and it does the same thing again.

4 Replies

Hey @ayaledoggeth,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. 


Could you please check if the issue persists while using a different browser? Since you normally use Mozilla, try with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 


We'd also recommend checking for a pending update on your browser. Steps for Mozilla Firefox - > Click on the menu button > select Help > About Firefox. Firefox will check for updates automatically. If an update is available, it will be downloaded.


It's important to relaunch your browser if the update is installed, even better - try restarting your computer. 


If the above doesn't help, we'd suggest testing this with a different account. If a friend or a family member has a Spotify account - it'll be great to ask them to log in on your computer and test if they'll be able to reproduce this behavior.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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Restarting computer - issue persists

Firefox is up to date

Issues persist over multiple browsers. Chrome, too, has the classic "unresponsive" web browser. Play/Pause button displays as if playing, timebar doesn't tick; just frozen where you left it, and won't play another song. Nothing plays on Chrome. 🙃


Same issue as above on Firefox; it's more often now, and more random, just decides to not play anymore with small glitches of ending playback on occasion. This is really irritating.

Tried another account, this one Premium; works perfectly. Kinda suspicious, if you ask me. 👀

I've got this annoying thing happening where, perhaps one in five times I try and open it, the website just will not load my account. The sidebar will be fine, and I can click on search, home, liked, my playlists, etc. but either nothing will happen or I'll get a "search for something else?" popup. Usually it goes away after I close and reopen the page a few times, but it's still annoying.

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