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Fix shuffle

Fix shuffle



Shuffle is still broken. In a larger playlist some items dont ever get played, and starting a shuffle session always result in a very similar song order being played. If items are added (or removed) to the playlist that particular song order changes, but as long as the playlist doesn't change you get very similar song order on each shuffle sessions.


To my develloper eyes it almost seems like you reuse the same random seed everytime in your code although ill give you more credit than that...


What adds insult to injury is the way you are dismissing your whole comunity on that issue; If you say you fixed it you are mistaken, get your head out of the sand. (just look at the replies you are still getting on that topic, 4 years later...


I expect an official answer.


(windows desktop and windows phone clients; i would bet all other platform as well)

3 Replies

Hi there, although I can't speak from the Spotify team themselves, I can try and pass on some of my knowledge that I've got., When you put a playlist on shuffle, it is infact playing randomly selected songs from your playlist, and this correlation you're seeing may just be a coincident? And make sure you do infact have it on shuffle if you have premium! But, I can assure you that the randomness is the shuffle is definately random and I can't say I've personally seen a correlation in song order so it may just be a small playlist and coincident? Hope I could help 🙂



Shuffle is random... in the same way a minecraft map is random (but if you use the same seed you get the same map...) So each time I start the app and click shuffle play on my favorite playlist I get very similair play order on the same songs.. and most songs never get played. It's not the *exact* same songs and order but similar enough to get noticed and annoying.

Modifying the playlist (adding / removing items) seems to help randomize things out.

"and this correlation you're seeing may just be a coincident?": And I am by far not the only one to report that...Check it out here (with the sheer volume of complaints this just cannot be coincidental)


3 hours ago

Can you make an actual Shuffle that correctly shuffles. this is annoying and sucks i go through all the work to make a sick playlist over 1000 tracks and it just plays the first 50 over an over. sucks!!!!



I am experiencing the same frustration. I have a favorite playlist that has well over 1,000 songs on it, yet it plays the same songs over and over. This seems to be new to this year, so whatever "fix" Spotify implemented only made matters worse.


a week ago

I probably around 7000 songs or so in my library. For the past 2 days when I have shuffled my entire library I have heard the same 2 albums by the same 2 artists. That's it. This is by far the worst shuffle feature I have ever seen on any service I have ever used. Strongly considering unsubscribing.


a week ago

As of 14th of November 2016 The "shuffle" feature still absolutely sucks. I have a playlist of almost 3000 songs and I swear to God I just hear the same 100ish day in, day out. It's getting to be a real issue and that's coming from someone who has used Spotify since the Alpha! Please, please improve and develop the algorithm further or I might actually look to a different music streaming service *which I don't want to do given the expansive library and all the other great feature that do work*.

And on and on and on and again and again... Keep in mind these are only the people that actually care enough to complain..

Please talk the devs into at least recognizing that there is still a problem there.. If they want to say that whatever we are getting is the expected behavior have them explain the algorithm used ->in details<-

It's so bad that the otherwise awesome service that Spotify is gets tainted by such foolishness...

Shuffle is broken but not because the same seed is used over and over again. I have a playlist with 20+ hours of music in it and played it from my iPhone dock while working in my new house. Hit shuffle once... and still hear, within the hour, several songs twice, or even more often. Others I never hear (most, in fact).

Here in The Netherlands the Spotify top played tracks were revealed recently. That list is placed in a new light and cannot be trusted. Many people use 'shuffle' which, IMHO is 'play Spotify favored tracks only'.

I will not buy Spotify family because of this. The problem exists for many years, at least since 2012, so I have no hopes that this will get any attention. Very disappointing.

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