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Friend Activity Frozen

Friend Activity Frozen




Country: USA



Macbook Pro late 2013 and iMac 2014 

Operating System

Mac Mojave


My Question or Issue

Friend Activity is frozen on both my computers using the app (mac laptop and desktop at work). It's been frozen for at least two days. Hope there's an update that will fix this! I've tried closing the app and logging out and back in and it doesn't fix this. 


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I should add that it seems to be updating now, but it's not showing anything older than 24h, whereas it used to show my friends' last songs up to 7d ago. Those are just not showing anymore.

Hey there @Darknessrisible!


This is a known issue which is under investigation right now. You can check it here and vote for it so it catches more attention. Hope it gets fixed soon 🙂

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