Friend Feed not updating for users on desktop

Hey everyone!


We've seen some reports that the Friend Feed is not working properly for you.


If you're experiencing the following, please click the +VOTE button:

  • Seeing friends show in the Friend Feed even if you're not following them
  • Unfollowing/ following friends again refreshes the Friend Feed however, when restarting the app the changes aren't reflected

Note: If the Friend Feed isn't appearing at all, you can head here to leave your +VOTE instead.


Also, make sure to try the following steps first:

  • Log out and back in your account to shake things up
  • Perform a clean reinstall of the desktop app
  • Try a different network connection to see if the issue persists

If that doesn't help, it'd be helpful to leave a comment with the following so we can pass this info to our tech folks:

  • Device
  • OS and version of your device
  • Spotify version (please specify)
  • How long has the Friend Feed not updated?


Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports regarding the Friend Feed not updating for a period of time. 


As we mentioned previously, we've done some changes backstage and this should be now fixed.


If you're having troubles, make sure to update to the newest version of Spotify. We recommend doing a quick reinstallation using these instructions. Try loggling the Friend Feed off and back on as well. 


If that doesn't do the trick for you, or you're having other issues with the Friend Feed (for example, an error message that it failed to load), we'd still like to know. In that case, we'd suggest heading over to the right Help Board and starting a new thread with all the necessary information. Thanks!


I know for a fact that my friends have been active on Spotify recently, and they are on my friend list still. All I see is this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.16.25 AM.png
Music Fan

Admittedly, I'm on Windows, but I've had this issue in the past and it happened AGAIN to me this morning.


As far as I can tell there isn't really a fix, it seems to be some kind of bug that happens every now and then. However, at least in my past experiences, it will resolve itself with a little time, like by the end of the day my feed is back to normal after refreshing it. 


I've heard of people completely uninstalling and reinstalling to fix this, but this hasn't worked for me before. It's frustrating not having a straight answer to this, but just know that it's just some kind of bug and it should straighten itself out soon. Let me know if it does fix itself, I'll do the same once mine hopefully does too.




My coworkers and I are all facing the same issue. I know they are listening to Spotify, however I am unable to see what they are listneing to and vice versa. Any help would be appreciated.


When this happened to me a few months ago I just quit spotify and restarted my computer which fixed it, however you may have already done this so sorry if this is no help.


I tried this unfortunately it didn't work. Kind of a bummer, it's like it is frozen.


I wonder if the update to the desktop app possibly messed with something. 

Music Fan

I've gotten this issue like three times, and honestly from what I've seen it's not really an issue. It goes away by like the end of the day, I think sometimes Spotify just thinks (usually mistakenly) that a friend has been inactive and takes them off recent activity until they are active again.

Casual Listener

I am having this issues aswell. My friends are on spotify but activity isnt showing on them all. I have deleted and reinstalled with no luck. This was 3 days ok it stopped working. My friend even tested it for me playing her spotify and no activity was showing on y friends list still says she was active 3 days ago yet she was playing it next to me! Help 😔

Music Fan

I would try unfollowing and following your friends again, this issue is super annoying but I've never seen it not go away.


also with me