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Friend activity not showing?

Friend activity not showing?

Okay, I recently encountered a problem where I can't see my friends activity, I don't know if this will work, but I simply went to "View" on  the top left corner of the screen, pressed "Zoom out" until I could see the sidebar with my friends activity. This worked for me perfectly, but I'm not guarenteeing it will work for evryone. Good luck, also make sure right sidebar in View menu is enabled. 




P.S This is for Windows desktop.

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I suppose the better way to solve this problem is by goint to settings (Ctrl+P) and scrolling all the way down, then the second last thing you can choose to enable or diable is "Friends Feed" 🙂 When you enable it, it should work fine 

That's been tried by multiple peeople, but for some reason didn't work.


This worked for me. Thanks a lot! Though I don't appreciate having very little fonts. This wasn't the case before previous upgrades.

Even after enabling the friend feed under account settings, it's not showing. No sidebar whatsoever.


How do I fix this?

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