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Friend activity without Facebook

Friend activity without Facebook

It seems that the right sidebar in the Desktop App was updated recently. If I understand it correctly, I will not see friend activity unless I link to FB. Is this intentional? Is there any way around it?

Thanks for your support!

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Hello there!

I've been here for over two years and the right sidebar, also known as "Friends Activity", has always been here. It is intended for you to see what your friends are listening to (it works also for other users you are following).

Other users correct me if I am mistaken, but if you follow other users you should be able to see what they are listening. You don't really require Facebook. 

If I am mistaken then it has been updated to make it intentional indeed. I'd suggest you to link though, I've found it really useful because that way I've found great songs through my friends' taste!


Have a nice day 😉

Thanks for the reply!

What your are describing has been my experience as well - until the last update after which I don't get any more activity. I am already connected with my (not FB using) friends on spotify and I want to keep on following them, but it appears it's not possible any more since it's just saying "find friends" which redirects me to linking to FB 😕

Plus I don't want to link it with FB and I see no reason why I should be forced to do so.


So I've been doing my research and unfortunately it seems that indeed it was updated to force people into linking with facebook account. Lucky for me I have it linked so I can see those who have the common user instead of FB. Maybe it's just a temporary bug -I hope- and maybe it'll be fixed!

In the meantime, it seems you'll be stuck with it ;(


Try taking this issue up to Ongoing Issues and hopefully they will take a look.

Have a nice day! 🙂

Thanks again for your extensive answer!

I've posted in issues (didn't know there was a dedicated sub-forum tbh - thanks for the tip!). Let's hope for the best, ie a quick resolution of the issue 😄

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