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Friends can't see what i'm listeninig

Friends can't see what i'm listeninig

Hi, i have a complex problem with spotify. When i connect spotify account with a facebook account, my freinds can't see what music i'm listening to. When i adding songs to "favorite", below the title, it doesn't show what artists are in playlist ("including artist")   My playlist is watching by myself - it shows like my account observe my playlist (number of  followers 1). Any ideas how fix it? I try reconect with facebook but it doesn't work.

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Hi. Do you have the facebook sharing option enabled in the spotify preferences?


Screenshot - 28_03_2014 , 22_47_09.png

Nope. I have just the first one. I mean, that spotify's friends don't see what i'm listening to. I don't care about facebook friends

I've noticed that with all the recent changes in the Facebook feeds, friends activity is now shown under "Music" which should be added from the apps section.  Its not exactly intuitive, I had to re-add it when when the new feed layouts appeared a few days ago and couldn't for the life of me remember that this is an add-on.


You should also check your privacy settings there, always a good idea to review them now and then.

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