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Game Bar plugin won't log in.

Game Bar plugin won't log in.


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Custom built Windows 10 PC

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Windows 10 Updates 1903


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Logging into my Spotify account through the Windows 10 game bar widget on update 1903 doesn't work.


Entering my account information into the window that pops up results in nothiong happening. The Spotify widget remains on the "Link Account" screen no matter how many times I click the 'Link Account' button and fill in the form. I also tried logging in through the Settings>Accounts>Spotify menu but the same thing happens.


Oddly enough, when I do this, the Apps page on shows the Xbox Game Bar as a registered app.

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I had this problem too.

Make sure your windows region is the same as the region of your spotify account.

My spotify account was set in Canada while my windows region was Singapore.

After changing my windows region to Canada I was able to log in to spotify on the game bar.

I'm having the same issue. However, I've checked to make sure that my Spotify's and Windows 10's region was where I live, and I still cannot get past the Link Account screen. Any help's appreciated!

Never mind. I had just recently preformed a fresh install of Windows 10, and everything seems to work as intended!

Ok.. I just fixed this problem a couple days ago.  


First, I had the same issue... put  in my user/pass into game bar and then taken back to the window that just says link again.  I fixed it somehow once, but then it was broken again next day.


This is how I fixed it. 


1. Uninstall the Spotify from the Windows App Store.  You need Spotify to be the default music app in Windows 10 and the App from the store won't allow that to happen.  


2. Install Spotify from the Spotify website.  Just download the exe file and in stall it old-school.  While at the website, go to the settings for your Spotify account and apps and remove access for the Xbox game bar (most people report it being here despite the fact they keep seeing the login window). This is important!


After you have it installed Spotify from the website, make sure you login right away when it prompts you to be able to login (if you don't, Spotify will probably make and connect a random free account on your PC).


3. Find a mp3 or other file that Spotify can play in Windows Explorer and right click the file and choose "Open with"  and then choose another program and point it towards your Spotify installation Spotify.exe ...<drive letter>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Spotify.exe


4. Go to your windows settings then to to "Apps" and on the left chose "Default Apps"  Under music player, click on what ever player is there and a pop-up should show Spotify as a choice.  Just make sure it's set to Spotify.'


That should be it.  Go back to the Xbox game bar.  Try to login just as you did before and this time when you enter your user/pass, it should accept it and the "Link your Spotify Account" window will automatically disappear.



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