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HALP: Add Me to the Queue of People Who Don't Understand the Queue

HALP: Add Me to the Queue of People Who Don't Understand the Queue

OK, I think I have some idea of how to use the queue feature, but here's where I run into problems:


Let's say I have a queue of a 3 or 4 albums and it's midway through. Suddenly, I get into a different mood and want to hear a different sort of music for the next few hours. I should be able to navigate to an album and with one click replace the current queue with a new queue, beginning with the album in question.


What I currently have to do is this: Navigate to the current queue, clear it (which doesn't clear the now playing song), then go back to whatever I want to add and add it, then finally fast forward whatever now playing song I don't want to hear. That's bonkers. 


This feature has been part of every other music player I've ever used. Sonos is a great example. I didn't have to learn anything about how its queues and playlists operated. It's all just intuitive. So I can't understand why the only one I actually pay for doesn't have it. Am I just missing something. 

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The que works quite nice now. I listen mostly que, though I have lot of playlists. Think like que is a DJ. Add songs to que and they play in that order. If you like to play whole album, select all the songs from album and add to que. I don't remeber what the remove button does (remove 1 song or all the songs) and can't use it now. When you like to hear something else just add them in que and click the first song you want to hear. Don't want to test right now that either, but all the songs before the selected song is "played / removed". That goes the first green song too. The option is select all the songs you don't want to hear and "remove from que". When play in que, it's easier to handle it, when que is in view.

See, I don't think it works well at all. I just opened up my Sonos player for comparison. Here's how that system is different and much better, imo:


* There aren't 2 queues. Any song or album you play just goes into a single queue. I can't for the life of me understand why Spotify has this "next in queue"/"next up" division. It's inscrutable. 

* When I'm on the Album view level, I can click a drop down button and get the following options: 

     - Play Now (this starts the album playing right away -- anything else in the queue is pushed to after the album)

     - Play Next (this inserts the album after the song that's playing now.)

     - Add to End of Queue (self-explanatory)

     - Replace Queue (wipe the queue and start playing this)


All of the above is just two clicks, done. And it's all so intuitive. Spotify has "Add to Queue" and that's it. Gahh!


Add me as well. The queue design of spotify is terrible, so sad for a service that has so much music. The designer that thought of adding songs to the middle of the queue without adding an "add to end" feature as well should lose their job.

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I get that the separation of "up next" and "queue" is like, a big Spotify feature, but it is so confusing to me. I'm a refugee from Microsoft Music (aka Groove, aka Zune music service), and they had only one concept of "Now Playing." If I double-clicked a song/album, it replaced the current queue, immediately started playing the album/song I double-clicked, and continue playing through whatever was on the list I was viewing when I double-clicked (so the rest of the album if I was viewing the album, the rest of the artist if I was viewing all the artist's songs). Adding to Now Playing always added either the song or the album (depending on what I clicked) to the end of Now Playing (the queue).


This is how Rhapsody also worked and (I'm dating myself) even Napster from way back in the day.


At least half the time I get the behavior on Spotify wrong. Sometimes it will play the song I double-clicked, but then revert to whatever had been up next in the queue, while the rest of the album I double-clicked gets added to "Up Next" which plays AFTER the queue. ARG. This is confusing enough that I cannot keep paying for Spotify if I can find another service that gives me the expected behavior.

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