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Have saved music visible in My Library/Artist

Have saved music visible in My Library/Artist






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Windows 10


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Untill a couple of weeks agoo on Spotify it was possible to save music and then see it, visualize it in the artists you saved, even if you hadn't selected "Follow Artist":
Now that music is only present in the long list of all the saved music, and among the Artists in "My Library"/Artists there are only present the ones for which I clicked to "Follow":
Plus it seems you can no longer see just the songs you saved for a selected artist by clicking on it. When you do that Spotify sends you to the general page of the artist; before it took you to a page with only the song you had saved.


Am I not understanding something?



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I have the exact same problem, it only shows followed artists. Previously if I saved a song by an artist they would appear inthe Artists page and it was perfect. Is there any solution?

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