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Having issues with Spotify.

Having issues with Spotify.

When I load up spotify, I just get a blank screen as provided below. I've reinstalled several times and I've also restarted my computer. I've had so many problems with spotify that I'm just considering changing to a different platform. Every week there's a new one. I'm on a dell laptop with windows 7 installed. 


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Hey there @Jkutrowski,

thanks for posting in the community !


Please let me know if you have tried using your account on other devices and got the same black screen.


This way we can determine this is a PC issue and not a Spotify account issue.


Waiting on your update 😃

I have not had this problem with any other computers I guess. I just don't understand why it'd be so bad. The laptop is new.

I just want to use it. It seems like there's no solution though. Apparently it could be because the newer updates messed it up for windows 7.

Hey there @Jkutrowski,

thanks for responding.


This is nothing to do with the fact you're using Win 7 as i'm also using it and it works fine.

Please run some checks on your system like Registry, Cache cleaning, updates on all drivers etc.

I truely believe it'll solve the issue.


Let me know what you come up with 😃

I did check if there were any updates or drivers needed and it said I was up to date. As for registry and cache cleaning I'm not entirely sure what those are or how to do them.

Hey there @Jkutrowski,

thanks for the update!


Please look online for "Regcleaner" or "Registry Doctor" same as for a cleaner to your system.


These small software will scan and remove leftovers from bad installation or any other unnecessery files interupting your system.


Let me know how it goes 😃

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