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Help with premium for family

Help with premium for family

I invited 2 people to my Premium for Family account.  They received the email... (Removed Screenshot)

However, they cannot create their own accounts.  When they click on Accept Invitation they are taken to the login screen.  I have never had the ability to set a password for them so they can't login.  Please advise what they should do to accept the invitation?







Operating System

Windows 10


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Hey @nates280.


Thanks for getting in touch!


All users should have their own account. So if the people that you are trying to invite don't have a Spotify account yet, have them create a Free account on our website. Make sure they create an account using the email address you have issued the invitations for. Premium users subscribed directly through us can also accept an invitation, their previous subscription will be cancelled automatically.


If the invitation is still not working, have the users open the invitation via an incognito browsing session.


Should do the trick 🙂 Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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