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Problems with the random algorithm

Problems with the random algorithm







Operating System

Windows 10


First period of time after adding songs to a playlist they are not randomized properly on desktop.

My Question or Issue

I made a playlist of a band I like called Axxis. The band released a new album a few days ago and I added that album to the playlist. Now whenever I play the playlist, most of the times when I check the queue that specific album is not randomized! (The songs are randomized between themselves but they play in a bulk instead of being mixed in with songs from other albums. The other albums are randomized properly).

Added a picture that shows the result.

Here's the link to the playlist:



I've noticed a similar behaviour in a different playlist right after adding songs to it for a couple of days. The weird thing is that after a while when the addition got "old enough" this behaviour stopped and now everything works properly in that playlist.

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Hey @Pantheon.


Thanks for paying us a visit on the Spotify Community!


Could you try to remove the album and add it again to see if that changes anything? If it doesn't, could you try to preform a quick reinstallation? You can read here how to do this. If this didn't help as well, please send us over the following:


  • Spotify version
  • How long approximately it takes for a collection of songs to behave how it should

Currently there is an Ongoing Issue where people are gathering that would like to see the Shuffle feature revamped. Perhaps it's idea if you would contribute.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

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