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How queueing works

How queueing works



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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I don’t understand how queueing is supposed to work in Spotify. Suppose I want to play two albums, X and Y, in succession without my having to start Y manually after X has ended: I thought queueing was meant for this. But what I can’t do: first simply start playing X and then go to Y and select “add to queue”. I’d expect that to line up Y after X, but instead what it does, if for instance track 2 of X is playing, is line up Y after track 2 of X. So what will be played is first Y 1 to 10, and only after that will track 3 to 10 of X be played.


And it turns out it’s really difficult to get two albums lined up in the queue without some other album intruding, because some tracks of the album you last played will usually be up under “next up”. And those can’t be deleted. I don’t understand why that part of the queu can’t be emptied.


Am I overlooking something? Is there an easy way to line up two or three albums in the queue to be played – without any other album jumping in at the end of the queue because it was still there from yesterday?

Another way, I mean, than going through the hassle of creating a playlist for those albums (and giving that playlist a name, and deleting it afterwards to prevent the list of playlists getting out of hand)? Just some nonce queueing of albums in an intuitive way?


The only way to do it now, as I see it, would be to

1)   Start playing album Y (not X). Pause playing. Tracks 2-10 of Y will now be in Next up.

2)   Add X to the queue. Tracks 1-10 of X will be in the queue.

3)   Add track 1 of Y tot the queue.


And *now* if I click track 1 of X through the queue window, all the tracks will play in the order I want: first 1-10 of X, then 1-10 of Y. But it’s an insanely circuitous way of achieving that.


What am I overlooking? Or is the queue function really that weird?


Basically, my question is why the function “add to queue” adds the selected tracks immediately after the *track* currently playing, and not after the *album* currently playing, as I’d prefer?

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Hi @franklekens,


Hope you are doing well. The queue will not clear itself without either 1) playing through the entire queue or 2) you clearing it. Also, make sure you're adding the entire albums to the queue, not just the next song (it sounds like that could be an issue here). Please see this post  that goes more into detail on how the queue works. 


If you're still having issues after these steps, please let me know.




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