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How to Change Username on PC

How to Change Username on PC






(PC, Google Pixel 3a)

Operating System

(Windows 10, Android)


My Question or Issue

Can we start a vote or get some technical support so that users on PC don't have to have the random string of numbers and letters assigned to them a few years ago? It inhibits users from seeing multiple features in the application -- who's adding to a collaborative playlist, sending your full username to a friend (because the assigned username is too long and cuts off), seeing the runtime of a playlist (because the usernames are too long and take up too much of the space), et cetera. This is easily fixable and pretty amateur for a huge company, like Spotify to still be having. If the only defense is that they need that username to keep track of the account, why can users on PC not change their screenname and keep that username for analytics?

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1 Reply

Hey @Briznent33,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


If that's something you'd like to request, then it'd be great for you to check this Idea out and leave your +VOTE to show support.


Hope you'll find this useful.



Mario Moderator
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