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How to disable the pop up website oh Spotify?

How to disable the pop up website oh Spotify?

Whenever I turn on my laptop, it always pop up a website from my browser saying "log in spotify", and I don't reallyt like that.Is there any way to disable that?Or it would be better if I simply uninstall the app?

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Hey, @R3dC0re - 


That's strange- When you set up Spotify to start automatically when logon it should open the PC app, not the web browser. Try this out;


1. Open the Task Manager and go to 'Startup.' There you'd be able to see your web browser icon- Select it and click 'Disable.' (Also try disabling Spotify)

2. If it doesn't work, open Spotify and go to Edit > Preferences- Click 'Show Advanced Settings.' Choose 'No' to open Spotify automatically after logon;


Will be waiting for the results 🙂


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