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How to disable videos?

How to disable videos?



Doesn't matter what I do, after 1 or 2 songs in my loved Hot Country playlist(and various more playlists), music stops because it hits a video that "we're not able to play this video in your current location"


Not only that, I can't copy the whole playlist to my own(and get only the tracks) because if I select a video(control+a) it is not showing the "add to playlist" option anymore.


My only solution is to go track by track, every time every playlist is getting updated and adding it manually to my own playlist.


It is literally making Spotify unusable and forcing me to return to youtube.



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Hey @Kirill6, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Unfortunately those videos on playlists can't be disabled. However, if you would like, you can submit your idea about this in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


I can also give you a tip how to add those songs from such playlist faster on your own playlist. Still use CTRL+A to select them all, but this time hold the CTRL and use the mouse click to unselect the videos from those playlists. Then as you usually do it, right click on any of the songs and finally Add to Playlist.

Hope it helps 🙂

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