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How to open music in app instead of web browser?

How to open music in app instead of web browser?


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(Windows 10.)


Where is the option that allows me to play music in the Spotify desktop app (instead of playing in the browser)? One of the replies here says that the switch that enables this is located in the settings under "Startup and Window Behaviour," but that specific switch isn't there in my version of the desktop app. (The only options in that section are "Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer" and "Close button should minimize Spotify window to the tray.") Have they removed the feature, or is something else wrong?


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Hey @ScaryGhost


That switch wasn't working anymore and was removed.


Right now the best options is to copy the playlist's or song's link from the address bar (once you've clicked on this and it opened the web player) or from the play button.


Play button is even simpler. Here's an example:

Click on the "Share" button on the right of the song's seek bar and it will display an array of buttons. Select one that says "Share link" (second from right). Now you can go to the desktop client and paste it into search and hit Enter.

The client will open it.


Hope this helps 🙂

so just wanna confirm this -- pressing the play button like the one you have in your post only plays a 30 second snippet for me, even though I have premium and have the desktop client open. 


I feel like it did not always do this, was there something changed?



By default it does seem to do it this way.


However, when I pressed play on this play button (keeping the desktop client open) and then attempted to click on log in on the message that pops up in the play button, I had to log into Spotify in another tab. Web player opened, this got in sync with the desktop client (through Spotify Connect).

Now when I click play on random play buttons on any page, it will play the whole song and display whole song length in the play button.


According to my experience this lasts until I close my browser. My browser is set to delete cache and 3rd party cookies though.

However, my desktop client is 'paused'  and it won't scrobble. It's the play button itself that plays the song, album or playlist.


I think working with it did use to be a little easier sometime back, but that's how I've got it to function for me. 🙂


Hope this helps!

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