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How to permanently uninstall Spotify on Windows 10


How to permanently uninstall Spotify on Windows 10

I want to uninstall Spotify once and for all. I already tried on the Control Panel > Programs and Features but it just won't work. I've searched for other solutions in forums but none would work. Can someone help me? I'm totally not satisfied with the app and would like to remove it.


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I've had the same issue in Windows 7, but finally today managed to fix it. This is how I did:


- Started the computer without any network connection.

- Killed spotify.exe and spotify web connector

- Uninstall via control panel


Good luck!

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Hey @Renelilje


Sorry to hear you not liking the app, I couldn't get through a day without it myself!


Having just run uninstaller I can confirm it does indeed fully uninstall it. You need to make sure that there are no instances of spotify running, so close the app down and check the task manager to ensure there's nothing still running.


Once that's done you can run the uninstaller through the control panel as normal. There may still be shortcuts in place if you've made any so you'll have to delete them manually but the app will be gone.


If you think there are some things that would make it better why not put forward an idea to the developers here?


Hope this helps!


Sorry to resurrect a two-month-old post, but I'm having the same issue--go to Programs and Features and try to uninstall and it doesn't work. Please give us the manual uninstall instructions.

Hey @user-removed


No worries!


What happens when you try and go through the unitnstall in the control panel? Do you get any error codes?




No error codes, it just shows a busy icon for a moment and then nothing at all.


I'm all set now, though. I finally ended up killing the Spotify Web Connector and just removed the files from %appdata%\Spotify folder. (I'm installing an older version because the newer version lacks some important features.)



Please, will you do something about this problem?  The blasted thing simply will not uninstall.  I have no problem at all uninstalling any other programmes, just this one, so it isn't me.   No error code - nothing happens at all.

When you CTL-ALT-DEL, is there a Spotify option that is still there under the task manager. At one point when I had to uninstall the desktop app, I had to stop that process from running before Spotify would uninstall. Try looking under your startup programs in task manager. 


I've tried every fix, yet still it will not uninstall. And quite why I'm the one running around trying to sort this out when it's not a problem caused by me is a mystery.

Hey @rosros


That's a bit of a strange one, have you tried any third party uninstallers? I use IOBit myself and seems to get rid of everything.


Hope this helps!


I have the same exact problem, and it's annoying. 


Just let me uninstall the app!

Ok, it uninstalled proprely using IObit uninstaller.


But I shouldn't have to install a 3rd party program to uninstall Spotify. Get your sh.t together, Spotify.

iObit uninstaller didn't work for me. When I start my computer Spotify starts automatically, but I can't uninstall it using control panel (I killed it in task manager first like someone recommended). Now when I try to uninstall it in the control panel I use iObit and it doesn't show up as a program at all in the iObit interface! But its still on my computer and starts every time I log in. Any ideas? This is super sketcy.

Hey @dassancer


If it's not showing up in IOBit it sounds like you might have the App installed instead (there's a difference between the app and the standalone desktop version)


To check, if you press the windows button on the keyboard or press the button on the taskbar and type Spotify it'll say underneath the icon 'Trusted Windows Store app'. Once that shows up you can right click on the icon and select uninstall and that will remove the app.


Let me know how you get on,


Hi Andy, 


I tried that and did delete any instances of Spotify when I search for it using the windows key. So now when I hit the window button I dont' get any results for "Spotify". But it still launches every time I start my computer! And it shows up in the programs list and I still cannot uninstall it... other ideas?



I am having the same issue. I can't open Spotify desktop app nor can I uninstall it on windows 10. I want to use the app so since it won't open I thought it might be a bad install so I tried to reinstall but not it won't do anything. It opens in task manager but nothing else. Any suggestions?

Marked as solution

I've had the same issue in Windows 7, but finally today managed to fix it. This is how I did:


- Started the computer without any network connection.

- Killed spotify.exe and spotify web connector

- Uninstall via control panel


Good luck!

I've tried over a dozen times myself. When I first start my desktop, my Spotify tries to open but it's just a bell dinging. It never opens. I've tried to uninstall through Control Panel but keep getting error message that it has stopped working. I've tried both options in dialog box: Close the Program and Check online for solution. Nothing works. 

I've shut down and restarted to try again. I CANNOT GET IT TO UNINSTALL. Please help. 

hi there @madubre@dassancer and @Frankc916


apologies for the slow response, here are some useful troubleshooting steps that resolve most issues:

  • you can sign out of all devices here.
  • clear the cache for the app (I can help you further with this if you tell me your device type).
  • i would suggest a fresh re-install of flash which you can do here.
  • check your firewall settings to see if spotify is blocked - turning off your antivirus briefly can isolate that issue.
  • you can try uninstalling Spotify in safe mode

Let me know if that helps, and if you have any further questions!

Look´s like a Virus.

starting w/ no network connection and killing it / uninstalling worked.

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