How to skip songs automatically after set time?

How to skip songs automatically after set time?


Would it be possible (through add-on or script) to automatically skip Spotify songs after a set time or once past 50% of their length?


I often get recommended the same songs by Spotify even if I tell it I don't like them. Usually I get the gist of a song after 1 minute, it's very rare I save songs where the first minute doesn't grab my attention. So I thought maybe I could skip songs after some time and save myself some time when I'm looking for new songs. Kind of like the Shazam top list where each song only has a small <1 minute snippet of it play.


Skipping after 50% would be useful as I also have and I could keep track of songs I listened to this way but I'm more interested in saving time. I listened to the same old, boring songs too many times. I even got to the point now where I just add every song to a giant playlist and only listen to that one so I can avoid duplicate songs.

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